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Even More Wakeboarding!

My knee

My 25th Year With IBM!

Yes in concert

Tahoe 2005

Bolton 3/1/2005

Dodgeball Championships 3/2/2005

Big Spike at the Holiday Inn 3/9/2005

Snowboarding at Sugarbush 3/11/2005

Will Loro's first day snowboarding at Bolton Valley Resort 3/25/2005

Howard's pictures and movies from Will Loro's first day of snowboarding 3/25/2005

The Lord Girls: 1998 ... 2005

Vermont Business EXPO 2005

Rick Guest Band @ Essex VFW 11/05/2005

50 inches of PC love!

Knee surgery 5/29/2007

50th Birthday Party at the Lincoln Inn 6/5/2007

Tracy's new Custom Coco Bolo Taylor T5 Guitar

The Montreal Guitar Show, Jazz Fest, and SIMM Expo

T5 Thank you!

Kayaking with Moose 9/21/2007

Tracy's 2006 Honda Ridgeline

Bolton Recording Session 12/17/2007

Bolton Snowboarding Party 12/18/2007

MIDIMate Studios 2008

51st Birthday Party

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