Tracy's 50th Birthday Party at the Lincoln Inn
(pictures courtesy of Moose Lord)

Tracy and Deb checking with the band leader Bob Degree.

Mandi and Taylor waiting for the food!

Carrie and Gina waiting for their chance at the food table!

I have no idea what Kirk is doing here!

Tracy and Deb don't look a day over 40 ...

... and here's why! COSMOS!

Pauline and Chuck enjoying the fun.

Bruce and Mom smiling for the camera.

Kevin and his whipped cream coffee drink!

Taylor and Nicki.

Mary Lou enjoying the festivities.

Barry and Tracy caught on digital film!

Al and Mary Lou keeping a close eye on the kids.

Looks like Dad Bardier is getting stuck with the bill again!

Friends making friends.

Carol and Al with Bob Nolan and RAS.

Da Boyz! Al, RAS, Bob, and Tracy .... the shred masters!

Mandi looking for some attention

Tracy and "hiz girlz".

Guy and Tracy describing why 50 sucks.

Christen and Tracy try to figure out what is in this Brave Bull!

Bob Nolan and Kirk laughing at something (probably me!)

Princess Madison

Marcel and Nancy.

Welcome to Laurie and Steve!

Mandi and Mindi ... the two Cosmo queens!

Mindi, Mandi, and Lisa all looking fine for the camera

Mary and Deb steal a moment to chat.

Laurie smiling away!

Sarah and Tom enjoying themselves.

Mary and Guy (I have no idea what Guy is doing!)

Marcel and Nancy (... but Marcel has the same tongue problem Guy did!)

Patty and Andy full of smiles

Steve and Madison

Carol and Al

Nicki, Taylor, and Satu being whackO's

And much calmer trio

Devin and Mandi snuggling up

TWIMMY telling a tall tale to Bryan, Sara, and Christen

B-Dawg and Wade

Bob and Donna

Carrie with a smile!

Lynn and PR

An uninvited guest!

Tracy takes a moment to say a speech

and more speech ....

and some more speeching ....

and just a little bit more.

Donna and RAS kickin' back

Bob amd Sara

The cake

50 years of wind to blow out the candles while Tracy makes wishes for his T5 guitar!

Rich and Kathy looking hot!

Sound check with Andy, Bob, and Kirk

Bob Degree and the Bluegrass Storm rip it up!

George, Donna, Wade, and Bob.
" ... no Bob ... nine pieces of cake is fine ...".

Ian and his girlfriend stop by!

Eric and Lisa looking for some trouble!

Deb and Sue share a secret ... or two!

" ... do a little dance ..."

Tomski busted with the another woman. Hey wait ... THAT'S MY WOMAN!

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