Will snowboarding 3/25/2005

Will is just itching to take a run in the half pipe!

Howard taking a picture of Tracy taking a picture of Howard taking a picture of Tracy taking a picture .....

Will Strapping in for the first time!

Tracy takes a run down Pleasant Valley and finds some "freshies!"

More freshies!

The Cat grooms out the half pipe.

Will is ready to Rock N' Roll!

Ready for the next run!

Will takes his first run down a Blue (intermediate) trail.

Howard takes the easy way up the mountain!

Will takes a break while working on his carves.


Will cruizing down lift line.

Will is working on a few new dance steps.

Will getting jiggy!

Don't run over the camera man!

Will is getting tired after his first run from the top of Bolton. Will went from being the first time he's ever been on snow in the morning to connecting turns, speed checks, and doing dosie-does by the afternoon! Definitely Tracy's #1 student.

"Whatchu lookin' at?"

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