Friday Feb. 11, 2005

Liz's new baby bunnies.

Two fit in the palm of your hand!

Chip gives us the thumbs up for our first run at Alpine Meadows.

A beautiful view from the top.

Rick in front of Ward Peak.

Tracy and Rick in front of Lake Tahoe.

Tracy and Chip smiling because of all the snow!

The backside of Alpine Meadows.

Chip and Rick taking a break.

Rick and Chip boarding down the "wild side" of Scott Peak.

The bigger picture.

Moss growing on the trees.

Looking up Hidden Knolls.

Rick at the top of Summit Six Chair (a six passenger chair lift!).

Rick with his snow collection after the fall.

Joshua gettin' down on his snowboard.

Joshua working on his Stale Fish Frontside Grab.

Chloe's bruise from her snowboarding accident.

Isabelle with the Lego castle she, Joshua, and Tracy built.

The front side view of our Lego castle.

Princess Isabelle inside her new castle!

Joshua having fun destroying our castle.

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