Mexico Vacation
Monday - 4/25/2005

6:15am sun rise overlooking the pier. (picture taken by Deb since Tracy was still sleeping!).

Some natives do some shopping.

A very windy day on the balcony of Carlos and Charlies. Notice the LARGE size of the drink! WE LOVE THIS PLACE!


The bibs were mandatory of you ordered any of their tacos. A sense of humor is mandatory too!

I did mention it was a very windy day, right?

Yes, that is a waiter grabbing my wife's butt. And she looks likes she's hating it ,right? NOT!

Our waiter showing Deb their restroom

Our waiter showing Deb how to use the restroom!

Lucky waiters!

The swans we found on our bed made from towels by house cleaning.

Taylor's moon Henna tatoo.

Taylor's Henna flower on her back.

Mandi's Henna tatoo on her lower back.

And of course Dad had to get one too! My gecko on the back of my right shoulder.

Deb's new belly ring.

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