Mexico Vacation
Sunday - 4/24/2005

Old man Tracy playing volleyball with a bunch of youngsters!


The following shots are a panoramic sequence of pictures taken from our beach that I hope to stitch together one of these days.

*** end of panoramic sequence shots ***

This building is where we stayed. Second floor with balcony.

A parasailor.

This is where the clothing bomb went off ... the girls room!

Jumbo bed with Taylor watching One Tree Hill in Spanish!

All dressed up and somewhere to go! Dinner tonight at the Italian Restaurant on our resort.

Tracy's Angels (well, we could argue about the angels part ...)

Tracy and Deb looking fine!

Mandi and Taylor in the Italian Restaurant.

All smiles.

The Lord/Kudlacik family portrait.

Mandi and Sara dancing with a few of the natives (literally!).

I hope that's not a voodoo curse he's putting on Mandi!

Mexican Mary Kay salesmen!

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