Mexico Vacation
Thursday - 4/21/2005

Left view from our room.

Center view from our room.

Right view from our room.

"Good morning Amanda!"

Coconuts within reach of our balcony.

My girls in front of the Mayan Statue in front of the Barcelo Resort.

Tracy and the girls.

Getting ready to hit the streets of Playa Del Carmen.

Carlos and Charlie's ... where many a drink has been had!

Ditto for Senor Frog's!

One of the locals.

Chuck Berry he ain't ... but I'm not gonna tell him that!

Local musicians entertain us.

"Rock and Roll hoochie coo!"

Delicious food! (no .. not the food in Mandi's mouth! DOH! WHO TAUGHT HER THAT?)

Hot chicks in the streets of Playa Del Carmen.

Another swinging place to party!

Oh oh ... IT'S DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL! There goes Deb!

The girls find a few friends to hang with.

I can't tell who doesn't want to pose with who!

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