Day 7 - Our 3rd Day At Sea - 04/28/2007

Mary Lou and Deb walking on the track on board.

Mandi and Gina loving their new towel frineds they just made.

Mutant towel elephants!

Moose and Tracy's inventive 2 headed towel elephant.

Gina's creative towel sting ray!

Waiting in the dining room before our galley tour.

The girls plan their desert menus before dinner.

Stainless steal as far as the eye can see.

One of the chefs showing us his handy work.

More carvings.

One big-ass pot of soup!

More creative artwork.

Picture guides of all the meals planned for our trip.

A huge tail fin light. This thing is 7 feet tall and hanging from the ceiling!

The backside of the same light.

Another cruise ship at night.

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