Day 5 - St. Maarten - 04/26/2007

A tropical rainbow.

The St. Maarten dock.

The island of St. Maarten.

More of the island.

A HUGE cruise ship pulled in next to our ship!

Shannon, Mandi, Taylor, and Deb in front of our ship (the one on the right).

Carrie, Moose, Gina, Mary Lou, Mandi, Shannon, Deb ang Taylor.

Of course we have to visit "That Yoda Guy" shop on the island. Nick Maley was one of the designers of the Yoda characters used in Star Wars.

Moose making new friends.

Richard Simmons was on our cruise and kept running into him while shopping in St. Maarten. Richard with Taylor (he loved Taylor's Audrey Hepburn shirt!)

Gina, Richard, and Mandi.

Gina, Richard, and Mandi doing their dance steps.

A side view of our ship in port.

One of the beaches in St. Maarten.

More beach.

More of the island.

Another marina down the road.

More beaches.

Another small island of the coast.

Very colorful roof tops.

A giant smiley face trampoline in the bay.

A very nice hotel.

This is Sylvester Stalone's house on St. Maarten.

The whole crew on tour!

Tony (no baloney with Tony!) our personal tour guide.

Tracy and Deb enjoying our last minutes on St. Maarten.

PROOF: Moose was holding his wife's hand in St. Maarten!

Mandi and her great smile.

Carrie, Gina, Taylor, Shannon, and Mandi.

Good bye to St. Maarten's shopping district.

Deb's birthday cake! (no, she's not getting any older!)

Mandi, Taylor, and Shannon.

Lexi our caking eating sweetheart.

Out towel swans.

The girls towel dog.

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