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Essex Cheer Classic Competition 1/29/2005

School picture 2005

Cheerleading 12/20/2005

Cheerleading 1/5/2006

14th B-Day Party

Cheerleading 1/31/2006

Essex Cheer Open 2/4/2006

Cheerleading 2/7/2006

Winter Ball 2/11/2006

Cheering 2/16/2006

Braces off! 2/22/2006

2006 NVAC

Maine Cheer Camp 7/2006

EJHS Homecoming 10/7/2006

"... but I like the cookie ..."

15th B-Day Party

1st day of school 08/29/2007

Taylor and Patricia in the studio

School picture 2007

16th Family B-Day Party

16th Kids B-Day Party

Confirmation 5/19/2008

School picture 2008

17th B-Day Party

Taylor and Morgan

Taylor's High School Graduation 6/19/2010

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