Gruhn's Guitars in Nashville, TN

This picture is for Chris Clark!

This picture is for my friend Adam Frehm!

This picture is for John Haas!

This picture is for Darrell Papazoni!

So many vintage Tele's ... so little time.

This picture if PR Appleget ... the SG king! lol

Keeghan with Glenn Schoales ... guitar tech to the stars!

Glenn Schoales shows us the 1960 Gibson Les Paul ... yours for only $199,000!!

This is the 2nd floor of Gruhn's Guitars. These are the babies the normal tourists do NOT get to see. Simply amazing .... with price tags to match!!

This one has to to out to Joe Cleary and Andy Sacher!

The cheapest Tele they had on the 2nd floor was $65,000!!

This is the $185,000.00 Gibson Les Paul Glenn is holding for our friend Andre Maquera. Time to sell the house Andre

This beautiful bass was fixed-up by Glenn and used to be owned by The Moody Blues

This picture is for Rich Lester!!

These are 2 of the custom built Gruhn Guitars

Rick Nelson of Cheap Trick and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top are 2 owners of these new guitars

This is the book Keeghan bought for me at Gruhn's! She's such a sweetie!

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