Keeghan Nolan & Friends (with extra gravy!) at Nectar's

Tracy during sound check (yes, I'm a knucklehead).

Keeghan and Friends take the stage.

Gary Spaulding on the Cajone.

Tracy welcomes John Cheever to the stage.

John Haas and Keeghan rocking Nectars!

Tom Carvey takes care of the bass.

CrowfeatheR fires up his lap steel.

Eric Long sings up a storm.

Carol Ann Jones joins Keeghan and Eric Long for a song.

Carol Ann Jones and the Super Chargers.

Andre Maquera on guitar.

Tom Carvey playing a wicked sax solo.

Aram Bedrosian joins Keeghan for an original song.

Aram amazes the crowd with an original bass solo.

The Keeghan Nolan Band rocking the house.

Awgie ... the King Of Sound Mixers!

Carol Ann Jones joins Keeghan for an original tune.

The Gear!!

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