Keeghan Nolan and Tracy Lord at the Tunbridge World's Fair

Keeghan slipping in the mud!


Our #1 fan! (... and our #2 and # 3 fan too!)

These are the Colgate Country Showdown contestants.

Keeghan and the judges in the stands. That's Wayne Warner sitting next to her!

The Tunbridge World's Fair! (I always thought the world was bigger, but I guess not ...)

Don taking a break from singing great!

Yup. That's me playing Wayne Warner's Gibson SJ-200 Modern Classic. We were practicing with Wayne and Keeghan in his tour bus.

My new Line 6 Variax makes it's first appearance!

Yes, even a stage manager has to eat sometime! Mmmmm. Curry chicken and rice! Yummy!

Wayne Warner and Keeghan

JD Green from Froggie 100.9 FM not quite measuring up to Shane.

Wayne Warner, Keeghan, and Don singing "Jackson".

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