Lucent Navis Class of 2006

These are from Shelly's super nice camera. I'll post the pictures from my camera once I get home.

Dave Mason

Doug Gerber

Ernie Dusett, Andy Potter, Walter Wong (Lucent), Bob Burgess

Dave Singer, Michael Bean (Lucent), Marshall Burns, Shelly Anderson, Kevin Winant

Angela Weir

Tomas Rodriguez

Marshall Burns

Kevin Winant, Danielle Fratto, Tracy Lord

Who else, but Ang!

Andy Potter and Walter Wong (Lucent)

Tomas Rodriguez

Angela Weir

Gary McKim

Doug Gerber

Ernie Dusett

Angela taking a picture of Shelly who was taking a picture of Angela who was taking a picture of ...

Dave Mason and his single pixel camera phone

Tomas Rodriguez

Here are the pictures from my camera.

Pizza in the classroom! GOTTA LOVE IT!

The back of Bill Volckmann!

Decisions ... decisions ...

Gary McKim's 1999 Vet!

Bob just can't get enough of that Guiness!

John Nicoletti joins us after a drive back from Boston

The die-hards!

Dave Singer just before he is hit by his own Irish Car Bomb!