Mandi's Web Site

Mandi's new smile 8/11/2004

Mandi and Becky

Essex Cheer Classic Competition 1/29/2005

Boston Cheer Camp

School picture 2005

Winterball 2005

Cheering 12/20/2005

Cheering 2/10/2006

Cheering 2/14/2006

2006 NVAC 2/18/2006

Vermont State Cheerleading Championships

Carrie's Birthday Party 3/16/2006

Varsity Ball 3/31/2006

B-Day Party 5/1/2006

Family Haircuts 5/6/2006

Junior Prom 5/28/2006

Maine Cheer Camp 7/2006

Mandi's Senior Pictures

Mandi's 18th Birthday Party 5/5/2007

Senior Prom 5/27/2007

Mandi's First Car 6/2007

Mandi's Tech Graduation 6/6/2007

Mandi's High School Graduation and Party

Mandi Hasn't Changed

Mandi's 2009 Birthday Party

Mandi's VTC Graduation

Mandi's VTC Graduation Party

Mandi's 21st (5/1/2010) Birthday Party

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